“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity - not a threat”

Working Paper Available

I recently gave a presentation at the Catalyst Connection Annual Reception in Pittsburgh about exciting changes that will occur in manufacturing.  I base these predictions on IT driven trends around cloud computing, high performance computing, 3d printing and Internet savvy hobbyists that will democratize manufacturing.  Upcoming presentations include RAPID (June 2013) and NCDMM Sumit 2013 (May).  Read my Working Paper to learn more about these predictions and their impact on the future of manufacturing.
This is a personal reflection on trends that will drive the future…Technology will continue to solve more problems than it causes, but the problems that it solves will not always be the ones anticipated by designers… more>>

My Faculty Activities

Lee Erickson, my recently minted Ph.D. student,  has been getting some attention for her work on crowd-sourcing.  Recently the MIT Sloan Management Review Improvisations Blog highlighted this work.  Our paper, coauthored by Erickson, Petrick and Trauth was also a best practitioner paper runner up.

You can check out the full paper, Hanging with the Right Crowd